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Shayona Tech

Founded in 2012, Ahmedabad-based Shayona Tech excels in 3D LiDAR scanning and Scan to BIM. With a global team of 100 BIM experts, they transform point cloud data into precise 3D models for AEC, infrastructure, and Media & Entertainment.

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Global BIM experts specializing in 3D LiDAR scanning and Scan to BIM

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"In the field of geology, LiDAR has provided us with unprecedented insights. We can now map fault lines, track land subsidence, and monitor volcanic activity with remarkable accuracy. LiDAR is a game-changer for geoscientists."

- Dr. Emily Roberts

Geophysicist, Geological Survey Institute

"LiDAR-equipped drones have proven instrumental in disaster response efforts. They can quickly survey disaster-stricken areas, assess damage, and aid in rescue missions. The technology has saved countless lives in the aftermath of natural disasters."

- Mark Johnson

Emergency Response Coordinator, Disaster Relief Organization

"I have worked with Shayona Tech firm on multiple projects over the years, and they have consistently exceeded my expectations. Their attention to detail and commitment to sustainability are unparalleled, and they always go above and beyond to make sure their clients are happy."

- Michael Johnson

Agricultural Scientist, GreenFields Farm

"LiDAR has transformed urban planning by enabling cities to create detailed 3D models. This technology aids in infrastructure development, traffic management, and disaster resilience planning. It's essential for building smart and sustainable cities."

- James Thompson

Urban Planner, City Planning Department

"LiDAR technology has uncovered ancient civilizations hidden beneath the densest jungles. Its ability to penetrate vegetation and map the ground beneath has transformed archaeological research. We've discovered lost cities and artefacts’ that were previously unknown."

- Dr. Maria Rodriguez

Archaeologist, University of Archaeology

"LiDAR's precision and speed have significantly improved our construction projects. It allows us to create accurate topographical maps, detect potential issues early, and streamline the construction process. This technology has increased efficiency and reduced costs."

- Sarah Davis

Civil Engineer, Davis Construction